Tyler Hill 



CV Portfolio

“Nothing from life can be transferred intact into the theatre; we must always create a theatrical reality and then fill it with the dynamics of life.”

Josef Svoboda (1993)

The Secret of Theatrical Space, trans. J.M. Burian. New York: Applause

Recent & Upcoming Projects  

Set & Costume Designer 

  • Cicada                                                                                   Barking Gecko Theatre

  • Iolanta                                                                                   WA Opera

  • City of Gold                                                                                Black Swan, Sydney Theatre & Perth Festival

  • The Bleeding Tree                                                                      Ian Michael & The Blue Room Theatre


Costume Designer 

  • ​The Ninth Wave                                                                             The Farm & Perth Festival

Professional Development 

  • Master of Architecture (2019 - Present)

  • Prague Quadrennial (2019)


Resident Artist 

  • Black Swan State Theatre Company (2018)

Set & Costume Designer

Set Designer

Design & Technical Collaborations

Design Associate 

Design Assistant